Decoding Molecular Circuits of Life for the Benefit of Patients and Discovery of Intelligent Technologies


  • Omics and Data Integration: STATegra is a FP7 funded project that aims to develop statistical methods and software for the integration of NGS and omics data. The goal is to provide bioinformatics resources that the genomics community can easily use to integrate and to understand their experiments involving a variety of omics measurements. Within the project, Dr. Gomez-Cabrero coordinated the Summer School in Omics and Data Integration (September 2015). During the event, him and his collaborators provided training to experimentalists and bioinformaticians in the analysis of multi-omics experiments. Useful links below:



  • Systems Medicine: Under the auspices of CaSYM, with support of FEBS, Raffaella Giugliano (Scientific Coordinator in the CompMed team) has coordinated the organization of the First European Summer School on Systems Medicine in Stockholm (June 2015) where the best examples of how to use advanced computational tools in translational clinical research were presented and discussed. Useful link below: 
  • Introduction to the summer school

  • Translational Medicine: In a joint international effort, Dr. Gomez-Cabrero has been leading the contributions from the team w.r.t systems understanding of COPD and translating the results into the clinic, & 11 papers were published during 2014.






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